*Vendor Packets/Forms*

Please note that Amscope does not accept blank vendor forms/packets to be submitted for completion. We will send our W-9 upon request but we do not permit blank forms or packets, as the information requested is already provided on our W-9. We reserve the right to accept forms/packets that are partially filled out with the information we've provided, on a case-by-case basis.

Does AmScope accept Purchase Orders?

United Scope LLC dba AmScope is proud to be business partners with countless public and private businesses, government and educational entities, from whom we gladly accept Purchase Orders (Domestic orders only).

For any U.S. business to order via Purchase Order, we’ll need a list of your credit references/business partners before the PO is submitted. Please note that we reserve the right to require payment upfront on first time business purchases or any (school or business) PO that is a high dollar amount, to be determined at our discretion.

For public and private schools, community colleges, universities, and other educational entities, please submit the purchase order on your school’s letterhead.

Please also take the time to carefully read the following and ensure these guidelines have been met when generating your Purchase Order:

  1. The supplier name and address must reflect as it does on our W-9: United Scope LLC dba AmScope, 14370 Myford Road, #150, Irvine, CA 92606.
  2. The order must meet the minimum purchase amount of $200.
  3. Please make sure that the terms NET 30 are clearly reflected -- no other terms are accepted. You may manually write "NET 30" on the PO, but any PO without these terms will be denied. This is a contractual agreement between your organization and United Scope LLC dba AmScope that states you will pay 100% of the order balance within 30 days of the order shipping (industry standard terms), or for some schools, within 30 days of the order being delivered to the Ship To address, at the very latest. PO's not paid within this 30 day time frame may incur interest (15% of the order total) and/or late payment penalties ($5/day until payment clears). Under no circumstances can a credit card be used to pay the balance on any Purchase Order.
  4. Please itemize all SKU's and pricing from the site. Please DO NOT simply list a quote reference number in lieu of the item SKU(s) you are purchasing.
  5. Please make sure the Bill To and Ship To addresses are clearly marked.
  6. Please provide a contact name, phone number AND email address on your PO.
  7. We do not ship via FedEx for any reason. Domestic orders ship USPS or UPS only. You may provide your own UPS account number and shipping speed (marked clearly on your PO) if you wish.
  8. All Purchase Orders must be signed, approved, and dated by your organization. Purchase orders with these fields that are left blank will not be processed and will prolong the process in getting your order processed.
  9. Purchase Orders may be submitted via email to customersupport@amscope.co.uk or by fax 949-271-4795. Email is preferred for faster processing.
  10. An email address for the person or department responsible for payment MUST be included on the PO or it will be rejected and sent back for revision. Invoices are automatically populated and sent via email for faster payment processing.

By submitting your purchase order for fulfillment by United Scope LLC dba Amscope, you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions.